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What does the common area consist of in WFCA?  The Community Maintenance Area is defined as the Entrance Signage; the ponds and pumping equipment; any fencing originally constructed by Declarant including, but not limited to, the stone stacked fence erected by Declarant within the Neighborhood; any sidewalk entrance not constructed with concrete; any woodlands or undeveloped areas deeded to the Community Association by the Declarant; any areas dedicated for the use of all Owners in Winslow Farm as a Community Area in any subsequent Deed or Plat; the pedestrian walkways to Winslow Woods Park located within Winslow Farm; the landscaped islands in the streets of Winslow Farm; and the right-of-way owned by the City of Bloomington, Indiana along Henderson Street.  The Community Maintenance Area is depicted on the map below shaded in gray.

In 2020, the Board hired Reserve Design Advantage, a firm out to Indianapolis, to review our current reserves and the common area.  Brent Eckhart, of Reserve Design Advantage, visited the property and prepared the report.  Below is a link to the reserve study.

Map for website.jpg

The common area is highlighted in gray

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