Recent Rains

Pond Management Plan

Click on the link to the right for an update of the Summary and Background of the Ponds originally published in the 2018 newsletter and updated 2019 

The 2019 February rain and snow caused flooding in various Bloominton locations, but the pond system in Winslow Farms served its purpose.  There was some back-up into Old Mill to the stream that feeds into pond #3.  This only confirms the concern that any revisions to the pond system must be sensitive to making sure no extraneous flooding issues will be created.

hole in dam at pond 7.jpg

Hole in Pond 7 Spillway

Fall of 2018, a breach developed that threatened the dam/berm holding the water in pond #7.  A repair required the removal of some of the rocks along the west side and the addition of materials to plug a hole.  The landscape/retaining rocks were then replaced.  The unexpected cost of the repairs came from the pond maintenance budget.


Stone-Stacked Fence

A stone-stacked fence close to the Winslow Farm entrance sign off Winslow Farm Road collapsed and was repaired.  WFCA is responsible for maintaining only stone-stacked fences, not retaining walls.

In 2018 the walkways were repaired and stained.