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Updates and News 

click here for the President's  recap of the latest Board meeting

Click below for information as to how to issue a complaint to AT&T Fiber-Optic Installation Issues

Pond Project Update

On January 18, 2023, a Request for Proposal (Bids) was sent to contractors specializing in pond renovations.  You can click on the icon below to see the document that was sent. 

Aeration and Fountain Information

Ted Boardman has shared his research concerning the possible implementation of aerators and/or fountains.  During the construction to restore the ponds, the contractor will need to coordinate with Duke Energy for the installation of electrical lines to accommodate the addition of equipment at a later time. You can read this information at the following:

Board members viewed the banks of ponds in Columbus that had riprap above and below the waterline and finished with a 24" strip of aggregate which allows close mowing along the bank.

Photos of finished banks

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